Design and installation of active systems

Design and installation of active systems

aDAS systems

A complete solution for signal coverage in large facilities.

Panos provides a complete service from the design and planning of the coverage, through the delivery of the equipment, to the implementation and maintenance of the aDAS system.

  • Uniform signal coverage in large facilities
  • Multi-operator solution
  • Easy capacity management when and if needed
  • Multi-technology solution 2G/3G/4G/5G
  • Scalable system


What is aDAS system and how it works

aDAS stands for Active Distributed Antenna System. It is state of the art solution for signal propagation in closed facilities, at the same offering the possibility to implement one common solution for multiple operators and multiple mobile technologies.

Systems of this type have the ability to convert the analog RF signal received from the output of the operator's base station into a digital one. Through optical fibers, the digital signal is propagated from the central hub to remote radio units with practically no signal attenuation, providing solid basis for high capacity and good and even coverage of the mobile signal.

The implementation of aDAS ist most advantageous in large facilities (20,000+ m2), which simultaneously meets the needs of:

  • Users - the best level of mobile signal and capacity using all active mobile technologies
  • Operators - through one system, it offers a partnership investment model with other operators


Advantages of active DAS over passive DAS

Active DAS

Passive DAS

Easy expandability and control of the mobile signal in relation to the source of the RF signal

The distance from the signal source that a passive DAS can provide is limited by the loss of RF power through the system

Possibility of multiple technologies within one system - 2G/3G/4G/5G

Greater chance of passive intermodulation due to the complexity of the solution

Possibility of sharing one system between several operators

A passive DAS does not offer remote monitoring and it is complicated to determine the source of the problem in the event of a system failure


Panos Inženjering offers a complete aDAS system implementation service

Due to the size of the project in which the aDAS system is used, careful planning is essential - from the mobile coverage scheme, design and procurement of equipment, to commissioning and maintenance.

The biggest challenge is planning the propagation of the mobile signal while respecting the operator's budget.

In our company, you get full support and service, with respect for environmental and safety standards, as well as access to global expertise and the state of the art equipment.

We cooperate with established manufacturers of telecommunications equipment.


Who benefits from the implementation of the aDAS system


Sharing the infrastructure of the system enables a partnership investment model with other operators. This means that infrastructure expansion (CAPEX) is paid for every third project (3 operators in Serbia).


Investors can become the owners of the infrastructure and charge rent for the use of the entire system to the operators and thus realize additional value from their facilities.

 Residential communities

Housing communities as infrastructure owners can provide additional income to the community. The best level of mobile signal and capacity is achieved by applying all active mobile technologies.


Implementation of aDAS system in WEST 65 – turnkey

The Kompleks West 65 consists of 40 floors of residential buildings, a shopping center and two levels of garages.

As a result of the good cooperation between the organization A1 and Panos Inženjering, who were partners on numerous previous projects, the decision to continue work jointly and implement the aDAS system in the Kompleks West 65 came only natural.

By maintaining good relations with competitors on the market, A1 enabled other operators to enter the system. As with other aDAS systems in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, equal resources are allowed for all operators, providing all users of mobile services with equal benefits using the latest available technologies.

At the moment of the official opening of the facility, we claim that 95% of the coverage of the complex will have a better signal level than -95dBm for certain technologies. These power levels are sufficient for the smooth functioning of all Telco services and data transmission between operators and users.


Investing in aDAS means investing in the future

Just as we pay attention to the junction to water and electricity supply, in the 21st century we should also pay mush more attention to have good signal coverage at all times and everywhere. Smart devices are increasingly present and users expect solid and uninteruppted signal. By investing in aDAS, it is safe to asume that the companies are actually investing in their future.

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