Design and installation of active systems

Design and installation of active systems

Indoor radio signal distribution solutions

Research on the habits of users of the networks of public mobile operators shows that more than 80% of the total traffic was initiated from indoors. Metallized glass, metal blinds, entire metal facades, deeply buried rooms, all these factors prevent the propagation of radio waves in buildings and shopping centers.

Our services

Panos Engineering offers solutions that enable the coverage of enclosed spaces with a radio signal.

Thanks to a wide selection of equipment and materials, we can offer solutions that satisfy both the smallest users (apartments, houses, cottages, small business premises, mobile facilities) and large demanding complexes (shopping malls, public buildings, stadiums ...).

Basically, the systems are realized as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), which depending on the way of radio signal distribution can be passive (P-DAS) and active (A-DAS).

Passive systems (P-DAS) are intended for smaller facilities, up to approx. 5000m2, where the external signal of the operator's radio network is present.

Active systems (A-DAS) are intended for large facilities, from approximately 20,000 m2, and more. In these systems, the externally present signal of the operator's radio network, or the signal from the base stations on the facility itself is converted into a signal suitable for distribution by optical cable. The signal is further optimized, switched via optical cables, distributed within the object to remote radio units (RRUs) in which the optical signal is re- converted, amplified and distributed via internal antennas.

Panos Engineering offers:
  • System design
  • Procurement and delivery of equipment
  • Installation, comissioning and maintenance of the system

Active system in shopping malls

One of the first such systems implemented in the Republic of Serbia is the system in the Promenada shopping mall in Novi Sad, which our team implemented from the initial design, through installation to commissioning. With one central unit, 36 active radio units and 120 antennas, an area of 150,000 km 2 is covered. With this system, all three signal operators covered the entire space of the shopping center with 2G, 3G and 4G signal.