Design and installation
of passive systems

RF solutions in tunnels, subways and underground facilities

Today it is expected that all users of radio systems, public or professional, have quality radio signal coverage at any place and any time. Because of high risks in underground, closed spaces importance of good radio signal coverage is even higher.

Our services:

Panos Engineering offers solutions that enable:

  • Re-broadcasting of public service broadcasters, with additional specific security functions
  • Quality service of mobile operators
  • Communication of maintenance personnel, inside and outside the tunnel
  • Communication between security and rescue services
  • Special functions of supervision, control and work in emergency circumstances of supervision, control and work in emergency circumstances

Systems are built by using antennas of special construction, radiating cables, either as passive distributed antenna systems (P-DAS) or active systems (A-DAS), with the use of the highest quality equipment from reputable manufacturers.

Highway tunnels

In the period 2016-2019 Panos has implemented radio signal distribution systems in 7 road tunnels, with total length of about 12 km. All systems were realized as passive DAS systems or Hybrid DAS systems, with overhead cable as the main antenna system.