Installation and commissioning of DVBT and DAB + systems

Installation and commissioning of DVBT and DAB + systems

Antenna systems and equipment for broadcasting radio and TV signals

Panos Engineering is a regional leader in the construction of analog and digital (DVB-T) antenna systems, as well as radio analog (FM) and digital (DAB / DAB +) radio broadcasting systems.

Specificity and harshness of locations, height of emission antenna poles, dimensions of equipment, transmitter power, severe climatic conditions - these are just some of the challenges that must be met by the supplier of the antenna system for broadcasting.

Our Services

With more than 20 large and several dozen smaller transmitter systems implemented, as well as several hundred repeater systems across the region, Panos Engineering is a reliable supplier of these capital projects.

Our offer includes:
  • Consulting services
  • Design and planning
  • Sightseeing and location recording
  • Design of antenna systems
  • Delivery of antenna systems to the site
  • Installation of antenna systems, manually or using a helicopter
  • Testing, trial operation and commissioning
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Delivery and installation of active equipment (transmitters and repeaters)

Digitalisation of television

Panos Engineering was part of the team that completed the digitalization of television in 2015 - which is the largest and most complex project in the history of television in Serbia. In addition to the delivery of a large amount of necessary equipment, our experts performed its installation, testing and commissioning. A special challenge was the fact that a large part of the work was done in winter conditions, and considering that the transmitters are located on the tops of the largest mountains and that access and work in winter conditions is not easy, the realization of this project is a great feat.