IoT solutions

IoT solutions

RFID solutions in logistics

In recent years IoT concept has become increasingly important by facilitating and accelerating many business processes. Replacing bar code technology with RFID solutions enables significant process acceleration, as well as more precise monitoring of the flow of goods.

Our Services:

Panos Engineering offers complete solutions in goods or inventory tracking, where complete solutions include hardware and software components.

Every problem in this area is specific and therefore every solution requires adaptation to the needs of the problem. In order to reach the optimal solution for our clients, before starting the project, we perform a thorough analysis and together with the client we come to the definition of the problem we are solving. Then, in agreement with the client, we consider the possibilities and prepare the optimal solution.

Some of the areas in which we have experience are:

  • Tracking company inventory
  • Tracking of goods in the warehouse business
  • Monitoring the entrance / exit in the garage

RFID solutions for tracking goods in the warehouse

One of our products is inventory tracking solution for companies, or in other words an application that enables easier and more efficient inventory. Our solution is based on the use of RFID tags instead of bar codes, which allows for the inventory check to be performed in a significantly shorter time. In addition to speeding up the inventory check process itself, our solution also increases the accuracy of the inventory and allows easy analysis of the collected data.